Fruit tree blossoms



I’ve been alternately frustrated and delighted with the advent of Spring here in Northern California, but the wind has made it very hard lately to get good wildflowers – or any nature detail for that matter! It doesn’t seem that windy at first but as soon as you look through the lens, it’s movin’ and shakin’ even at the crack of dawn. I got a barely acceptibly sharp image of these blossoms, but rather than toss the image, I decide to look at using negative clarity on it in Lightroom and I really liked the results. Call it saving your ‘bacon’ or whatever you want, but sometimes the image can be turned into something else that works. I went back two days later and the blossoms had all fallen off, so I’m glad I have this one.

But after that, I decided to go and work with rocks and trees that don’t move as much! The following image was processed in Nik’s Viveza, and the a little tonal contrast was added in Color Efex Pro. Different views of Spring!



Oak tree and rocks in meadow, California