Church in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

This was my last night ‘free’ – our second group arrives early tomorrow. But it was a great 5 days to wander and explore the city more – until I got a t0uch of food poisoning that set me back yesterday and today! Oh well, you have to expect that when you travel sometimes. But I’m back on my feet and ready to roll with the next group!

I first saw this moment when I was in the square and someone just happened to stand up and lean against the cross. But I had the wrong lens on, and there was only a brief moment that he stood there. But the image never left me, so a few days later I asked a man sitting at the base of the cross if he would stand there for ‘tres minutos’ (three minutes) while I ran back to position myself and make this picture. I loved the cross against the church but having the person added something extra to it for me. I’d have liked more of his body but others sitting just below him didn’t work.

I’ll try and post as often as possible during our busy week.