Water Carrier, Mexico

I received approval just before leaving for Mexico, for a new book that I’ll be doing with my partner, Jed Manwaring. Tentatively titled “Photography Close to Home – Creating Great Photographs Where you Live” will be a terrific project. We’re really looking forward to completing this book and helping others see more photo opportunities where they live.

I have long advocated that there are great photographs to be made wherever you live, if you just open yourself to seeing more deeply, and to seeing beyond what the subject is to what it represents or becomes with certain light, etc. This book is out to prove that you don’t have to travel to Papua New Guinea, South America, or even New York City to make great pictures (although travel is great).  To make the book more widely marketable, we’ll be using images from a radius around our home in the Bay Area, California, as well as other more distant places. What we include will be photographs that could easily be found/made in places that are ‘home’ for readers. A reflection in a boat harbor could be any boat harbor in the world.

True for this blog image, too. This water carrier could have been in just about any city in the world. It’s the play of light coming through the bottle and the shadows that drew my attention. It’s the kind of image that we’re looking to include in this new book. Watch for updates on the publishing schedule, tentatively set for Spring 2012…