Woman's shadow and old car, Mexico

I love strong light and shadows! While in Mexico, my group was standing near this incredibly bright red building and an old ford parked there. We had stopped because the spot had many photo opportunities – including an old blue VW Beetle, and it was a street with lots of activity so there was also the opportunity to pan as cyclists and scooters buzzed by this bright wall. Something for everyone. One participant and I had spotted a great shadow when a woman walked towards the car, but I missed the moment by the time I could get into a position that I wanted for the composition. Aaggh! I hate missing a moment, but in the midst of 7 students, I had other things going on. I waited for someone else to walk by but that just wasn’t happening, so a few days later when I went past that wall, our wonderful assistant/interpreter Ita stepped up to help. As she began to walk past the door of the building, she entered the ‘zone’ – and a narrow zone it was, to get her elongated shadow to fit in the space. I had her hold position to create this image.

Sometimes, you see a fleeting moment that can be re-generated; other times, you just have to sigh and let it go as one of those you missed. In this case I was glad I could recreate what I had seen!


We had such a great time leading these trips in San Cristóbal that we’re planning on doing it again in next year. Stay tuned for more information on them here at the blog…dates planned are presently January 14-21, 2012.