There’s a great little hotel in San Cristóbal, Mexico, called El Hotel/Posada Paraiso. They have a wonderful little courtyard lined with rooms, and a great barrista for cappucinos, too! I just love the colors they’ve used in their hotel, and the restaurant is decorated with black pottery from the Oaxaca region, which I also love – and own! But graphics are my thing, and this combined shapes, textures, and form all into one beautiful situation.  I brought a group from our first week, to photograph one morning over coffee. We were lucky to have a bright day with clouds so we got a good glow through the skylights. When I returned the following week during the mid-group break, the cloudy day reduced the ‘glow’ and the colors were not the same. I feel lucky that I got this image on the day I did, to bring out all the rich colors.