Plant Seedlings in Sand Dunes,

Well it’s been a crazy week here in the office, as we get ready to head for our Death Valley Instructional Tour on Feb 6, and while preparing presentations I came across this image I made in the dunes at this same time of year. The young plants had received enough water that year that they were pushing up through the sand dune, and the angle of the sunlight on the dune’s sloping surface created long shadows – and wonderful “Asian” letters! I was thrilled to spot this, as I love it when we find things that represent Nature’s language. Breakfast was delayed while we explored the photo possibilities with these tiny seedlings.

It’s great to be getting on the road again after two months of close to home projects and lots of office work to prepare for the coming year. We’re ready to hit the road and make pictures!

John Shaw has always said¬† “you make money in the office, you spend money in the field”, so I’ve been working on making money with book proposals and assignments. But now it’s time to play in the field again!

We’ll be sharing what we see here on this blog and on my Facebook page.