I wrote a while back about my iphone portfolio produced by iFolios.mobi and today I wanted to announce that iFolio has been upgraded to meet the needs of iPads and other tablets, too! The folks at iFolios are working hard to stay up to date and are making many improvements.

These smartphone and tablet portfolios are really nice looking. If you have a non-flash website you can always view those on either device, but many flash-based sites, or even one that has a flash slide show embedded, will not view properly on any of these devices. This is a great solution in my opinion, to having a professional looking web presence on any smart device.

I’m pleased to pass on a savings of $20.00 on any product purchased from their site. Just use the code THARP at checkout to save money.

Plexicolor, meanwhile has just announced a sale through December 17th, 2010.

Ad for PlexiFlex Sale