Another old abandoned vehicle in the field. I’m slowly creating a series of them. This one was in the hoppin’ town of Ash Fork, Arizona. It caught my eye as I was driving by on the freeway, and I had to weave through town to relocate it once I got off the freeway! As luck would have it the first time I drove by, the gates were closed to the property. But the second time, a construction guy was there with the gates open and he let me in to capture this one, with a warning about Mojave green rattlesnakes. Yikes! But I stomped into the field, in pursuit of this faded blue gem of a car. It reminded me of one my friend’s Dad had. They might have been ‘tanks’, but these old cars had personality, and all have great stories behind them, no doubt.

The unexpected bonus of seeking out old trucks and cars like this is that you get to meet the locals in the places you find them. All of them ‘characters’ in their own unique way – of course I’m a ‘character’ too, to them – they probably think I’m nuts, runnin’ around photographing old beaters with excitement…but the social exchange makes my life experiences richer…

P.S. I ran this photo through Nik HDR Efex Pro as it’s part of a series I’m working on of old car/truck portraits. I chose the default preset, then adjusted my structure, contrast, saturation, whites, etc. globally. I selected the “Crisp” HDR Method and set the strength to about 45. With the method selector and the strength slider, you can create so many different results.

Don’t forget! – I’m giving a webinar for Nik on November 18th, at 6 PM PST. “HDR Efex Pro: From Realistic to Artistic“. Sign up here!

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