November is my birthday month, as many Facebook friends have just acknowledged – and November’s gemstone is Topaz, which just happens to also be a great collection of plug-ins for processing your images. I use Topaz products regularly in my workflow. I just received word that the folks over at Topaz have just added a gallery of my images using their plug-ins. Thank you, Topaz!

Many of you know that I use and love Nik’s products daily. Yet each plug-in application out there offers something a little different, and as a visual artist, I’m interested in how each of them can add to my process of creating artistic results to my photographs. So today, I played around with Topaz Adjust on this image that I made while in Silverton, Colorado last month.

I started by thinking about how I felt about the subject. When I was there, I was struck by the many layers of paint were laid down on this ole’ truck over its lifetime, indicating a long life and perhaps different owners. I wanted to bring that out. I also liked the texture of the rust, the stage of decay it was in as I felt that told the story of being abandoned, left to rust through. I wanted to bring that out too. And finally, I was drawn to the neat colors in the paint layers and how they worked together. By adjusting exposure, brightness, details, contrast and saturation in Topaz Adjust, I was able to bring this out to my satisfaction.

You can see the original image below – only the crop and spotting were duplicated between them before processing.


















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