I’ve just gotten back into the office after Thanksgiving and I’m excited to share a new program released by Topaz Labs. The folks there have been working hard to bring this new software to us to help us improve our pictures. InFocus uses a revolutionary technology called deconvolution, and while I don’t pretend to know what all that means, it’s the results that I measure and by the examples I’ve seen, it will be very good. It helps reverse the effects of image blur in a new way. It can recover image clarity and offer natural sharp-looking results on images that have slight blur due to motion, or a slight off focus issue with the lens. It won’t solve really bad problems of blur, but we’ve all had images where something happened and they’re just a little bit soft or our lens had issues.

InFocus can be used prior to image enhancements to help reverse the effects of blurry and out-of-focus images or as a post-enhancement solution that can help refine image clarity and vividness – making it a versatile sharpening solution designed for professionals and photo enthusiasts. The program also includes a micro-contrast tool for adding additional finesse to image detail and structure. According to Ashley Robinson, “By mathematically reversing image blur caused by lens imperfections, atmospheric haze, camera sensor abilities, focus issues and camera shake, we are able to help photographers achieve detailed and naturally sharp images.”

I’ve just gotten the program so I’m learning how to use all of the features, but I ran this post image through their sharpening process, and am very pleased. It was originally film and on an older 80-200mm lens. This opens up the potential to “save” older film images that need to match up to today’s digital standards for sharpness and clarity.

Now through December 3rd, Topaz is just about giving this program away with a special price that’s $40 off the retail price of an already reasonably priced program. Go to Topaz Labs, and use the code “supersharp” at checkout for this special price.

The code “brendatharp” at checkout will earn you a 15% discount on all non-sale products and on the bundle, which currently includes InFocus.

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