Things last a long time in the desert – slowly rusting, weathering under the strong rays of the desert sun. As I drove around in the desert town of Moab, there were so many things abandoned, wearing out. I spotted this truck while looking for a grocery store, and had to ask the owners of the salvage company for the chance to photograph it. I thought it was so serendipitous that the colors of the truck were the same as the colors in the landscape – the red-orange-brown of the rocks behind were a perfect background for the truck’s portrait! I’ve always loved old cars and trucks so it’s great fun to find those with personality.

I used Nik’s HDR Efex Pro to process it, planning that I’d make it a bit surrealistic but not overly so. The cool thing about the Nik software is that you have so many options – both in the presets and in the HDR method choices. And you can even adjust those once selected. I am just beginning to sift through all the variables with this software but I’m lovin’ it. I have posted a few other pictures using this software, if you review the past month’s postings. If you love what you see too, and want to purchase it, save yourself 15% by using BTHARP as the code in checkout.

Late-breaking news! I’ll be doing a webinar on HDR Efex Pro for NIK on November 18th at 6 PM PST. Join us to listen in on how I use it. I’ll be giving tips on how I then take my images further using other Nik products, too. Look for the posting on Nik’s learning calendar soon at  Nik’s website.

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