I made the above picture last Fall in Capitol Reef and had processed it to the point where I thought it looked pretty good – but was never totally happy with the glow off the water. I had figured it was because it was red-colored water from the red sandstone/mud of the area. But recently I revisited this image when putting a program together, and decided to try again. I had been using Nik’s Tonal Contrast filter in Color Efex Pro with good success on other images, so I thought it might help. WOW is all I can say – I was very pleased with the results. You can see the before picture below. Not bad, but now with the help of that filter, I have a bit more punch in the water – punch that I saw with my eyes but wasn’t pulling out of the image. Sure, I probably could have done more with this in Photoshop, but adjustment layers and such, but with just one step, I got really nice results.

This filter is one of those I’ll be showcasing in my Webinar for Nik on November 18th at 6 PM Pacific Time. It should be listed soon). For all you east-coasters reading this, here’s one you don’t have to sneak out of work to watch live! heh-heh. But we felt it would be a great time to do it so more people could watch it.

I’m looking forward to showing everyone examples of how I use some of their products, especially the new HEP (HDR Efex Pro) software. I use there products a lot in my daily image workflow. If you like what you see and want to save $$ on buying their products, use the code BTHARP for a 15% discount. Contact Nik customer support if you want to complete your collection if you’ve already purchased some programs.
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