I’m now sitting in Montrose, waiting for a car diagnosis – tach and speedo went out after my charge on the vehicle when I drained the battery using my laptop in the car too long! Live and learn – but the tach/speedo thing is still a mystery as to why coincidentally it occurred just after being jump-started…

While I wait I had time to process a few more pics from Colorado Photo Adventure with Charlie Borland. I’m outside at a ‘new’ picnic table location and the crickets are singing and the clouds and sun are gorgeous and I feel lucky to be here and enjoying it all.

On our adventure we went to Silverton to photograph the old town, the train that comes in daily from Durango, and the aspen-covered hillside around the town. But this year, they were pretty much gone – very few leaves on the trees – unlike the other areas we went to. So I focused on the train and concepts surrounding that. I liked seeing the train coming into town, and captured that, but loved the yellow-orange cars that people rode in, so knowing that it was going to back up across the crossing again, I got down low and put the sign against the blue sky – and set my shutter slow to capture the blur of the train. I didn’t want it to say Durango/Silverton for stock purposes. I also wasn’t sure when the cars came by just how tall they’d be – and I only had this one shot at it – so I was lucky that I guess-timated correctly! I love the rich colors in this one.


While inside the station depot, one of the yard-workers was talking with the ticketmaster and I spotted his hands – loved the darkness from coal dust and the overalls just added to the idea of ‘workin man’ so I asked him to move outside in the shade so I could photograph him.

These were processed quickly through Lightroom and when I get back home on a good monitor I’ll be working them up again – I think that the Hands/overalls image will be great with some textural treatment of some sort.





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