I saw this jacket hanging in an open doorway to a small winery along the coast of Oregon on our trip. The worn and dirty look to the jacket spoke to me. Along the cooler coast – jackets are almost an everyday item – and this jacket had seen hours of use judging by the weathered look. And I liked the fact that a jean jacket was the ‘uniform.’ Nothing corporate about this winery – it was a small, personal operation and that jacket expressed that.

The light coming into the room from the open door was not as strong as the light coming through the skylights, so I knew I’d be better off doing three exposures to bring out all the details I wanted, planning to run it through an HDR process later. As a member of Team Nik, I’ve had access to the beta version their newest software app – HDR Efex Pro – and so I processed this series through that software. I’m very pleased with what it can do! I can’t divulge a lot of details about the program at this point, but the program is shaping up to be a very useful application. It uses NIK’s same user-friendly interface as all their other programs, and the possibilities for processing are very flexible and customizable. It’s going to be terrific when it’s released.

If you want to pre-order you can do so by visiting their website. If you decide to buy it, you can save 15% by using the affiliate code BTHARP on checkout – when it’s available to purchase on line.

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