I love graphic pictures, so it’s no surprise that when I run into a classic car show or a Hot August Night event with cruisers, I’ll be photographing it! Jed and I happened upon this one in Florence, Oregon, and we spent about two hours wandering around making pictures. The only frustration I had was that it was too crowded for tripods, and I hadn’t brought my monopod with me on this trip – tsk, tsk. I did the next best thing – shot several exposures on burst mode and hoped the middle ones were the sharpest. You do what you gotta do….

This is one of my favorite details from that event. The flames say it all – hot rods! I had Jed hold the bright blue cover to my diffusion disc in a position that allowed me to get color reflecting in the chrome bars for some nice color contrast.

I’m currently enroute to Colorado, but tonight, I’m sitting at a picnic table in the Zion NP campground. People around me must think I’m nuts – I’m plugged into my converter in the car, and I’ve got my keyboard light as a desk lamp, and my broadband card to connect me. Surrounded by all this magnificent beauty by almost full moonlight, it’s a great way to edit, al fresco. But after I post this I’m taking a moonlit walk.

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