Snap, snap, snap. Only this time the sound is not the shutter of the camera, it’s the breaking off of the ends of the green beans, and then breaking them in half. This was my first ‘chore’ after breakfast this morning. When the garden produce is ready, there’s no putting it off. So before I could do much photography, I put the beans ‘down’ (i.e. froze them). This afternoon, we harvested the onions – piles of them, about 200 – and tried to get them down the hill in the wheel barrow in one trip – well, needless to say I picked up the ones that kept falling out. We laughed as we tried to do it, enjoying the challenge and sharing the work. This is just a part of the wheelbarrow before we moved it.

I processed the black and white with NIK’s Silver Efex Pro, adjusting the structure slider and using a blue filter to bring out details. The color image was processed with NIK’s Viveza 2. I haven’t decided which of these I like more. The black and white is timeless, even ‘old’ feeling, perhaps. I toned it with a color balance setting after I processed it in the NIK software, deciding I liked the warm tones. It has an earthy feeling to it. And it’s what I was feeling when I photographed it – the timelessness of harvesting.

Here’s the color version.

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