Well, we finished up without a lot of great morning or evening light but we had beautiful light for some garden/flower photography. At this beautiful garden, we were standing in the driveway waiting for a few last minute photographers to finish, and I suddenly ‘focused’ on this scene. It’s funny how the eye will grab the fence and ‘see’ the wash of colors behind it at times. That’s what happened and it took my breath away. I quickly set up my camera and lens to make this before we had to leave for the day.

We had a great workshop group – with very good ‘eyes’. We were co-inspired by the review images and everyone stretched their vision and made new images on their personal path of discovery and growth. It was terrific!

I’m off to Alaska in the morning – oh, it is morning already  (1 AM) – and hoping to have good weather on the boat in Glacier Bay National Park and Icy Straits. Watch out whales, here we come!

I won’t have email for about 9 days, but I hope to have pics to share soon after I get off the boat.

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