The above image is from a fun photo session I did with my friend Steve Orr back in March. I ‘found’ it when I was going through image folders in search of some new pics to add to my presentation program for this Saturday in San Leandro, CA.  It reminds me of trees in the wind – very colorful trees! There was a lot of movement in the original stained glass with curving panels. By panning on it with a slow shutter speed, I added to that feeling of movement. But after making several of them, I decided this one has a ‘focal point’ the grayish “V” in the upper left area. That gave the eye something to anchor on in all this motion. Do we always need that? I don’t think so, but sometimes the brain is more comfortable with it. In this case I thought it helped.

“Meaningful photographs are made from meaningful experiences, not just photographic experiences.” I’m not really sure who said that, but I wrote it down once and have always liked this quote. My experience with Steve was just that – meaningful – as we explored several different locations, we shared our love for photography and the creative process. And in that meaningful experience of just four days, I came away with about a dozen pictures that I really like!

I haven’t been photographing since returning from Italy in late May – I’ve been working very hard getting my pictures in order and planning out 2011 events. Yes, 2011! I already had some things booked and realized that I better get going on my own plan before there’s no windows of opportunity left in the months ahead.

I’ve just announced a Mentor Series of instructional tours that I’ll be doing along with my partner, pro Jed Manwaring. You can see the listing at the Workshops and Tours page on this blog (see tabs above). We’re excited about offering these and possibly a few more, shorter ones, if they fit in the schedule.

I’ve also been putting the final touches on my one-day seminar that I’m presenting this Saturday, and when that happens – well, the garden gets weeded, the laundry done, I suddenly find the time to post my pictures on Flickr, and a host of other things happen alongside it! I used to think that was terrible procrastination with a capital “P”. But in truth, it’s a rather normal process of how many of us create – germinate – new ideas. While our hands are busy on other simpler, repetitive tasks, our minds are more free, relaxed – and more creative!  So hopefully, that translates into fresh perspectives on the subject of photography!

You’ll hear from me more regularly now that I have some pressing deadlines completed.

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