My website that I have through is great – but in general no site displays well on an iphone -and if you have FLASH in your website at all, well fuggedaboutit.  Smart phones can’t handle flash stuff yet, far as I know. You really need something simple, and “clean” to show off your work well on a smartphone. Apple has the galleries, but there are limitations with those. Nothing is perfect out there – yet – but I found a company who’s iphone portfolios are really nice.

A mobile portfolio from is very inexpensive – about $50, and  very easily updated using WordPress. Once you’ve selected your images, set up your site using their easy instructions, you’re ready to go! The above snapshots are from my first three screens, Home page on left, then from there. Ifolios application utilizes the popular ‘flick’ method of scrolling to see the pictures in the portfolios. If I had one complaint, it’s that I’d like to see the pictures use the screen space of the iphone a bit better – larger horizontals, for example. Perhaps even to be able to tap the horizontals and have them zoom in larger…but these are ‘wish list’ items, and I’m sure that ifolios will be developing more options in the future.

I looked at modules for Lightroom (if you look at Jay Watson’s porftolio ( while on a smartphone you can see a version of it) but ultimately I preferred the scrolling method. Check out iFolios for more information. And tell them I sent you. Nothing in it for me but a big ‘thank you’ from them, but it’s just plain helpful to let them know where you heard about them.

Oh, and if you really want to see my iphone porftfolio live, just sign on to while on the iphone and voilá – you’ll have it.

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