OK, so this creative group of which I’m a member had an assignment this past month to work with selective focus, or out of focus, images. I typically work with selective focus a lot with my flower/foliage images, so that was not a particular challenge to me. But making pictures entirely out of focus that work was definitely a challenge for me. I had done it once before. I gave myself the assignment to shoot four rolls of film with every picture out of focus – yet at a point at which I thought it still worked. I got two images that I was happy with – and so was the stock agency who selected them! But it’s been a while and so I faced the assignment with some hesitation – ok, make that a lot of hesitation! Various things ran through my head, like “I’m way to busy to be fussing around with making out of focus pictures”, or “I can wait until the end of the month because it will be a piece of cake to do this”. Yet even though it’s true that I’m way to busy trying to get ‘real’ work done before my photo tour in Italy, I had to give it a shot – or five.  I remembered after I began just how hard it was the first time around! Your brain wants to put it all in focus – and you have to visualize whether the the shapes, colors, shading, etc. all work. You have to be willing to take the risk and keep it out of focus, fight the urge to bring it in clearer.

I selected this one for the blog because I really like the high-key effect of the hazy light on the beach, and I really think you get the sense of beachcombing/walking and family from this picture. It was a plus that they were reflected in the wet sand. I made this on my Canon G9, while we were working the dog out at the beach last Sunday. But now I wish I had used my larger camera! I might actually be on to something of a series with these…and just for the record, I saw an exhibit in a NYC gallery about 6 years where the guy had huge prints on the wall that were all out of focus. But when you walked into the room, you knew what they were. And he was selling them for several thousand dollars. Go figure!

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