As I said in yesterday’s blog, Morocco was a land of contrast! Walking through the souks was an education in the fashion of today’s Morocco. There were a dozen pictures to be made in just 10-20 feet of walking distance. It was a visual overload, and yet there were so many stories. These mannequins were quite sexy with their belly-dancing like bangled scarves over skin-hugging pants. It struck me funny to see just the bottom half of the mannequin, and have them be so expressive in their stance. In the second picture, I tried to trick the eye and suggest that even the cute girl on the left might just be a mannequin, at first glance.



Outside the medina, scooters were abundant. One early evening in Marrakech, my partner and I played around with panning on them as they scooted by; I liked this one because of the ultra-conservative woman on the back, a traditional man next, and a more contemporary child in front, underscored by a modern scooter.


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