Freeman Patterson once said “If you do not see what is around you every day, what will you see when you go to Tangiers?” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, as I’m heading for Morocco in March, – and excited about what I’ll experience and photograph while there. But his statement rings true in my mind. If we can’t see creatively right where we are, what makes us think we’ll see creatively in a new place? Yes, there’s always the newness of a place to excite the eyes, to inspire us to create, but if we haven’t been practicing seeing while at home, we just might be a little rusty and miss some great pictures because we’re not ‘primed’ – not open to all of what’s there. I’m guilty of having wanderlust – an insatiable curiosity about life elsewhere – and the only thing that curbs my travels is my wallet. Like this bear, I’m curious about what’s ‘over there’. Yet what’s right around me can be just as visually rich and interesting as anything ‘out there.’ I simply need to look at everything with a curiosity and openness, wherever I am, to find good pictures.