From the department of shameless self-promotion…

“This just in…Brenda Tharp is one of several fine outstanding female nature photographers featured in an article in Outdoor Photographers’ December issue AND online! In this rare appearance in the magazine, she is quoted as saying something useful, – hopefully…and now a word from our sponsor (whoever that is).”

OK, seriously, I am featured in the article by Jim Clark, and I am in the fine company of Nancy Rotenberg, Wendy Shattil, Cheryl Opperman, Lynda Richardson and Sandra Samojeden (no link). I’m so grateful to my friend Jim for inviting me to be in this article. I’ve only just seen it online, but it’s appearing in the next print issue, too.

Jim himself is an outstanding educator, photographer, speaker, and writer and has produced several books – turning a part time career in photography while working at the National Park Service, into a full-time success! He has a great background for nature photography, and he involved his son to the point where 10-yr old Carson is now a published photographer with his own book!!

Whadda we looking for, Mom?

To further this unabashed self-promotion,  I’ll be conducting a three-hour workshop titled “The Essential Elements of Nature Photography”, at NANPA, the annual summit for Nature Photographers, on Feb 20, 2010, in Reno, Nevada. If you haven’t been to a NANPA event, they are a great way to meet other nature photographers and share ideas while learning from the pros about everything from how to publish a book to how to get started in the business to – well, just how to get started making good pictures.

OK, I’m done now. Thanks for ‘listening’   🙂